Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Today I had an alright day. It was hard staying up in Sister Dianes class but then I slept in miss Dolans so I still got to sleep. Then we had lunch and all I did the whole time was homework (which is nothing new). Then we got outa goldschmidts room and into beaches and had a little debate as usual and tommorrow there will probably be a even bigger one on the elections. Then after school I took the charter and went to paiges dads work and we got paid $60 bucks to hand out papers to people that didnt want them but it was funn Fran came up and talked to us almost the whole time so we werent totaly bored but ALOT of people really dont like bush. So then at like 8:00 we went back to office and ate and watched paige make herself fart which was soo funny I almost peed myself I was on the floor laughing so hard. Then I was telling becky about my cuzs sckizzefretic friend who spazzed when my aunt made a funny face then they had a chiclet fight while I ate a hogie...and that was my day soo I guess I'll talk to ya tom. Byee.